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Lime Green As
Press Kit

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You don’t just pick up milk and bread from quirky Seu-Ling's iconic lime-green cornershop.  Nope. And despite the 100% jack up in her prices, the customers always return because they know they are buying a piece of her.

Festival Screenings

2017 St Kilda Film Festival
- Opening Night Screening

2017 Festival International du Film d'Animation de Montréal 
- Finalist

2017 Sydney Indie Film Festival

2017 Antenna Documentary Film Festival

2017 SAE ATOM Awards
- Finalist
  Best Animation

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Helen Chun  2016


Director Bio

Helen Chun is a Sydney based Director/Producer/Animator who graduated from the University of Technology Sydney, Australia in 2016 with a combined BDesign in Animation and BArts in International Studies. Previously, Helen ran her own graphic design studio for over 10 years and now heads up Sublime Green Films.

Helen's film, 'Lime Green As', debuted Opening Night at the 2017 St Kilda Film Festival and had its International Premiere as a Finalist in the 2017 Festival International du Film d’Animation de Montréal. ‘Lime Green As’ returns home to screen at the Sydney Indie Film Festival and the Antenna Documentary Film Festival. It is also honoured to be a nominated Finalist for Best Animation in the 2017 SAE ATOM Awards.

Helen is currently in development with her next animation documentary.


Director. Producer. Writer. Animator
Helen Chun

Luke Gerber

Sound Designers
Lead | Helen Chun
Assistant | Luke Gerber

Post Production Audio
Oscar Sharah

Voice Talents
Shopkeeper | Seu-Ling Chun (herself)
Customer | Suzanna Wang

Customer character
based on Design by
Nina Kimura-Budzyniak

SFX | Ajaysm \ Sunnyflower \ Xserra


Running time | 1 minute 20 seconds

Production year | 2016

Country of origin | Australia

Technique | Claymation

Genre | Animation-Documentary

Software | Dragonframe \ Adobe After Effects \ Adobe Photoshop \ Final Cut Pro X

Language | English & Chinese

Colour | Colour

Screening format | DCP

Aspect Ratio: | 1:1.78

Sound | Stereo 2.0

Copyright | © Helen Chun, Sublime Green Films

Director's Note

'Lime Green As', is a celebration of Corner Shop History. You've either walked into a local corner shop or not. For audience members who grew up with a local shop around the corner, it is the flavour of childhood. For those who wrongly equate them with convenience stores, it gives them the unique experience of popping down to a corner shop and meeting an authentic character, like Seu-Ling, in an Australia of bygone years.

Immigration is currently a contentious topic in the global media and often carries negative connotations. Being the daughter of a migrant I've seen the evolution and impact of migrants of a generation past. Hence, I felt compelled to give insight on how these new arrivals had significantly shaped and enriched the multicultural landscape of today. The animation medium has a way of disarming people, therefore can address uncomfortable topics such as racism and immigration, in a non-didactic manner. The nature of animation can also provide comedic reprieve from controversial moments.

Tolerance and assimilation are no doubt the driving themes of this short, however there are other social themes surreptitiously emerging from the obvious. The protagonist, Seu-Ling, when asked about her mother-country China, refers to it with a phrase that is derogatory. In the 80's the phrase would have been deemed as a racist Aussie joke inciting baneful laughter.  However, the manner in which Seu-Ling expresses the phrase is deadpan neutral. Thus it leaves today's millennial audience introspecting whether they are racist if they laugh, or not, if they do. If the latter, it is presumed they recognize the intent of the film, which is to highlight the irony and underlying power Seu-Ling has given herself by reclaiming the derogatory phrase as her own, and thereby evoking humour.  The ending of the film gives the audience reprieve from this dilemmatic crossroad.

Production Notes

Visually, 'Lime Green As' provides a unique stylistic approach that is not seen in the typical Claymation set. I have incorporated my love of Dr. Seuss, Theatre and Impressionist Art. The set replicates the improvised theatre stage set which encourages the audience to push their imagination into accepting the backdrops and props as believable working pieces. My drawing style pays tribute to the genius of Dr. Seuss and the brilliance of Impressionist Artists.

Claymation is a very emotive technique and a lengthy process so you end up developing a relationship with your Puppet as it is built. During this organic process there is a sense that the Puppet tells you their story. My process saw the script evolving. It was originally a story scripted to portray the ‘shop-front’ scenarios of a quirky charming shopkeeper, however, it evolved into one where the audience is allowed into Seu-Ling’s personal story and the past she has overcome.

The dialogue was derived from an existing 'talking head' interview with the real-life Seu-Ling, which I then transcribed and spliced into the story that She, the Puppet, wanted to tell. I went through several scripts before the final one had Seu-Ling's 'voice'.


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